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Management and Music Represetation
Mediterranean and Middle East Roots Music

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"Elià Music" (from the Greek "ελιά", olive tree, and "μουσική", relative to the muses) is a project of management and artist representation of music proposals, focusing on the field of creation and interpretation of traditional modal music. The artists who are part of it have in common the passion, research, recreation, study and interpretation of music from the different traditions of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The olive tree, on the other hand, is precisely one of the most precious and charged with symbolism tree native from the the lands where these musical traditions are originated and developed.

“Labyrinth in Catalunya”, is an initiative aiming to promote the work of the “Labyrinth Musical Workshop” of Crete in Catalunya, Spain, as well as all over Europe. It is based in Cardedeu (Barcelona) and works in close collaboration with the original Labyrinth centre based in Greece which was founded in 1982 by Ross Daly and awarded with the European Citizen’s Prize in 2012. Both have the goal of initiating young people into a creative approach to traditional musical idioms from various parts of the world. In Labyrinth we organize seminars and concerts featuring some of the greatest master musicians from all over the world.
The first edition of “Labyrinth in Catalunya” took place in May 2016, and in April 2017 (7-17) is going to be the second.


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