Efrén López i Abracadabra

Efrén López i Abracadabra


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Line up

  • Alexandre Guitart ( tanbur, bendir, kopuz, rabab, frame drums)
  • Carlos Ramírez (ud, yaylı tanbur, hurdy gurdy, bağlama, lavta, saz)
  • Christos Barbas (ney)
  • Efrén López (ud, rabab, saz, bulgarí, hurdy gurdy, santoor )
  • Isabel Martín (bendir, daf, davul, pandereta, voice)
  • Miriam Encinas (viella, dilruba, bendir, cura saz, frame drums)


Large format ensemble unfolding an extraordinary variety of timbres and styles which features Efrén compositions included in “El fill del llop”, his first solo album after two decades taking part in some of the most successful projects in the area of the Mediterranean and the Ancient music.