Milo ke mandarini

Milo ke mandarini


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Line up

  • Carlos Ramírez (yaylı tanbur, zanfona, çoğür, lavta, ud, Cretan ly)
  • Christos Barbas (ney, kaval, Voice)
  • Isabel Martín (Voice, bendir, square tambourine of Peñaparda, tam)
  • Miriam Encinas (dilruba, viola da gamba,recorders, bendir)


Milo ke Mandarini is a duo from Toledo formed in 2008 by Carlos Ramírez and Isabel Martín with the aim of investigating and promoting Mediterranean roots music. Together they have travelled to Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey soaking up the culture and the music in situ and returning home with a new vision for their study of their own Iberian tradition. They have played at folk festivals all over the Iberian Peninsula and at many important national and international institutions.

This year, 2016, has seen the release of their first official album “La vereda de la gitana”, in which they are accompanied by two great musicians: Miriam Encinas, experienced exponent of medieval and popular music (Evo, Els Trobadors), and Christos Barbas, composer and expert in Ottoman classical and Middle Eastern music (L´Ham de foc, Ross Daly & Labyrinth). This album gathers together the acoustic diversity of the Mediterranean musical traditions and recasts them from a very personal perspective. Their original compositions, steeped in Sephardic chants, classical Ottoman, Balkan and Iberian melodies and played with traditional instruments from these regions, exude a freshness and uniqueness that intends to reflect both the depth and closeness of these cultural identities. This album may be presented as MILO KE MANDARINI DUO or MILO KE MANDARINI QUARTET.