Murat Aydemir-Christos Barbas-Stratis Psaradelis

Murat Aydemir-Christos Barbas-Stratis Psaradelis


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Line up

  • Christos Barbas (ney)
  • Murat Aydemir (Tanbur)
  • Stratis Psaradelis (lyra, lavta, saz)


This unique collaboration between three musicians from Turkey and Greece, brings to light a wondrous musical tradition, weaving classical and spiritual musics from the depths of the two countries shared past. Their vision is enriched by new compositions, where innovation is merged together with deep knowledge of one of the world’s greatest musical traditions.

Murat Aydemir is Turkey’s best known Tanbur player, with hundreds of recordings and a exceptional book on music theory, the best in its kind.

Christos Barbas apart from being one of Greece’s top Ney players, is a multifaced composer and multi-instrumentalist, bringing his experience from classical and improvised music to this acoustic trio.

Stratis Psaradelis is a musician that focuses on Greek & Middle Eastern Folk music and is a stunning virtuoso of the lyra, lavta and saz.