Orvim Ensemble

Orvim Ensemble


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Line up

  • Gilad Weiss (Kopuz, Saz, fretless Guitar)
  • Lilu (Voice and Kamanche)
  • Mayu Shviro (Cello)
  • Meira Segal (Ney, Kaval)
  • Yaniv Masel (Oud, Rabab)
  • Yoni Ben-Dor (Tombak)


Orvim Ensemble, from Israel, is the collaboration of six close friends who create daring, original, acoustic compositions and arrangements that reflect musical traditions of the Middle-East in a contemporary way. Its members met on the path of in depth research into ancient musical traditions. What united them was the need to find a local yet universal language in which to communicate the possibilities of these traditions in today’s accelerating world. Orvim’s music reflects the complexities of life in the Middle East – the beauty and joy alongside the violence, anger and acceptance, in cycles of growth and decay. Their musical tales are told through a feminine perspective giving expression to silenced voices. Instrumental and vocal compositions alongside an innovative interpretation to the Eastern modal music form in Hebrew, Azeri and Juhury (the language of the Mountain Jews of the Caucasus). The compositions, lyrics and performance bring complex stories to life, presenting a unique narrative. A surprising and powerful listening experience.