Chérif Mbaw

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  • WOMEX 2010

At the heart of Dakar, Cherif Mbaw teaches singing, guitar, and composition.
Endlessly, he repeats and works in places of fortune, but always between heaven
and sea, the endless beaches or on the roofs refreshed by the evening sea breeze. It
listens to all music, even the most alien to its culture, sometimes under the eyes
skeptical of his entourage who do not understand why it is a pleasure to listen
Beethoven sonata or a free improv. On the advice of Baaba Maal, he joined
Conservatory and it is learning the traditional African instruments, and xalam balafon, and
also the classical guitar, music theory while learning and theory. He was awarded the
International Guitar Competition organized by UNESCO, which opened the doors
Europe. Cherif Mbaw lies immediately at the crossroads of two styles and two cultures. A
fusion without confusion, is his great strength he travels through different worlds,
He likens them and supports them with his endearing voice, with this technique so special
related to the Wolof singing and rhythmic knowledge that comes from the tradition of Senegal. Grace
his first two albums, released respectively on the label Detour / Erato and in
Nocturne, and participating in numerous events such as Transmusicales Rennes,
Indétendances festivals, Paris Plage, Art Rock and Solidays, it acquires the status value
rising. He also made numerous first games, Amadou and Mariam Keziah Jones
through Neneh Cherry, not to mention a European tour with Tracy Chapman. On this
third album, it creates a new universe discretion. It explores the sounds
unexpected, as the brightness of the Fender Rhodes piano or guitar and pedal steel
Slide dear to Ben Harper and Ry Cooder. He slips into his songs a rock edge laid-back
to JJ Cale, as well as spiritual intonations that were blown by all
his meeting with Tracy Chapman that its own approach serene and philosophical
life. With its catchy hooks, Mame Yalla which opens the festivities of the sensual Kora
and through Baye Laye, Africa, or the heady Cuckoo Baby, the album Sing For Me
is a disk today. Both written and very minimalist, he combines strength groovy
Africa and its funky to timeless rock and pop inhabited. Music
hypnotic, propelled by an inspired inventiveness, vitality and communicative

Chérif Mbaw

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