Alexandra Gatje

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    general manager
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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2014

General Manager (Manovill Records)
Create: international team including musicians, marketing and media professionals in order to nurture an interactive creative and fulfilling work environment.
Travel: on tours to music festivals, conferences, showcases and performance venues.

Contract: musicians, producers, recording studios, sound engineers, stage techs/staff, videographers, publicists, and booking agents.

Manage: music licensing, travel, business, financial and legal affairs.

Executive Producer
Album releases by Eljuri: ‘En Paz’ (2008), ‘Fuerte’ (2012), ‘La Lucha’ (2016).
Video releases by Eljuri: ‘Jaula’ (2008), ‘Un Fósforo’ (2012), ‘Derecho’ (2012), ‘Ya es Hora’ (2014), ‘El Viento’ (2016), 'BangBang' (2017).

Artist Manager (Eljuri)
Represent the recording artist Eljuri developing career goals, supporting her musical vision and taking actions on her behalf to achieve those milestones and international success.

Manage and supervise: schedule performances, appearances, musical and media tours; conceptualize videos, social media and promotional strategy; direct the creation of marketing, merchandising and media relation campaigns internationally. Conceptualize and implement socially concious driven initiatives, events, concerts and tours. Establish and maintain relationships with taste makers, festival directors, music supervisors, talent buyers, artistic directors, publishers, licensors and sponsors in expanding global markets.

Alexandra has a voracious appetite to travel, learn and listen. With over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, she has a keen eye for and prolific hand in all things visual. She enthusiastically serves as a lead organizer for the Women’s March on New York City. She is a Voting Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and The Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Alexandra Gatje

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