Los Van Van
  • country:Cuba
  • style(s):World
  • label:EGREM
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Endirecto GmbH

Line up

  • Abdel Raspals Sotolongo (vocals)
  • Alvaro Collado Martinez (trombone)
  • Armando Ihosvany Cantero Abreu (vocals)
  • Arnaldo Candido Jimenez Villafranca (bass)
  • Boris Ernesto Luna Mendez (keyboards)
  • Edmundo Carlos Pina Machin (trombone)
  • Hugo Antonio Morejon Gomez (trombone)
  • Irving Roberto Frontela Rico (violin)
  • Joel Cuesta Fernandez  (congas)
  • Jorge Leliebre Sorzano (flute)
  • Julio Eladio Noroña Cruz (güiro)
  • Pedro Cesar Fajardo Alzaga (violin)
  • Roberto Carlos Rodriguez Valdes (piano)
  • Roberto Hernandez Acea  (vocals)
  • Samuel Formell Alfonso (drums)
  • Yenisel Valdes Fuentes (vocals)


Formed in 1969 by bassist and composer Juan Formell, Los Van Van has remained Cuba's most important and popular dance orchestra for over four decades. Formell's visionary approach to instrumentation brought new sounds and concepts into Cuban dance music, blending charanga-style violins and flute with a trombone section, adding drums and introducing electric guitar, bass and keyboards. Fusing influences from contemporary rock and jazz with Afro-Cuban roots, Formell and timbale-player Changuito created a new rhythm they named songo, which gave birth to a whole genre. It's this innovatory spirit, always assimilating new ideas while retaining their trade-mark style, as well as their commitment to connecting with their audience, that has kept them at the top, inspiring not only successive generations of Cubans but also audiences around the world to fill the dance-floors whenever they play.