Maravilla de Florida

Line up

  • Anais Casa (Flute)
  • Bernardo Nash (Vocal)
  • Emerson Florat  (Congas)
  • Henry Menezes (Vocal )
  • Jelien Bazo  (Violin)
  • Jose Enrique Queralte (Vocal )
  • Jose Miguel Gonzalez  (Keyboard)
  • Noel Pérez (Güiro - Maracas )
  • Norberto Puente (Piano, Band leader )
  • Orlando Beltrán  (Violin)
  • Osmany Moya (Timbales)
  • Reicel Pedroso (Violin)
  • Yoinel Lombida  (Bass)
  • country:
  • region:
    Cuba-Puerto Rico
  • style(s):
    • Cuban
    • Son cubano
  • label:
  • type:
  • gender:
    male, female
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:

MARAVILLA DE FLORIDA, the legendary cuban Charanga Band was already founded in 1948. And is still one of the most popular Cuban dance orchestras. Now formed by 13 young musicians, the band combines perfectly the tradition of charanga music with contemporary styles and influences.

All performed with great power, passion and highly danceable.

Maravilla de Florida - simply best Sabor Cubano!


Maravilla de Florida


Maravilla de Florida

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