• artist:Lenacay
  • featured artist:Lenacay
  • region:Barcelona
  • release year:2012
  • style(s):Flamenco, Fusion
  • country:Spain
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Entrelineas Entertainment
  • label:Satélite K
  • publisher:Corre la Voz, s.l.
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Lenacay means a new step into fusion of flamenco and spanish roots and new sounds. The band is a new project of former founder members and musical producers of latin garammy´s awarded OJOS DE BRUJO: Ramon Gimenez and DJ Panko
The spirit keeps the same, experimentation from the rich music backgrounds of Flamencio & Rumba roots to new beats like electronich music or dubstep including different ingredients as Hip Hop, soul and funk. Let´s call it Flamenco from the future