Maarja Nuut


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Line up

  • Maarja Nuut (violin, vocals, electronics)
  • Priidu Adlas (light designer)
  • Rainer Koik (sound engineer)


"Quite often, in looking for the action in, or a way into, a place's current tradition-rooted scene, one comes across a person who's the key. Musically outstanding, questing and driven, not only in their own music but creating turning points within and beyond their milieu; a one to watch. And in Estonia's quite young folk revival I reckon it could be violinist-singer Maarja Nuut." Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots.

Maarja Nuut is a young fiddler and singer from Virumaa in Northern Estonia. She combines traditional dance tunes, songs and stories with live electronics. Her approach is gentle, subtle and sensitive, yet she exudes a quiet confidence as she gradually builds up a shimmering sonic poem from a single violin motif, deftly looping it and adding harmonic layers with voices and violin improvisations. Maarja says: "In my music, I am looking for peace, but not in the lazy inactive sense. It's a lively relaxed state which gives rise to music and makes you want to prolong being in the moment and concentrate, which alters the way I see, hear and perceive. It is always now and old tunes are as fresh as improvisations which were born a second ago”. Sounds beautiful.