Svjata Vatra

Line up

  • Juhan Suits ( Juss )  (estonian bagpipes, wooden horn, whistle, vocal, j)
  • Madis Pilt (accordion)
  • Martin Aulis (drums, percussion )
  • Ruslan Trochynskyi (vocal, trombone, scythe.)
  • country:
  • style(s):
    • Dance
    • Ethno
  • label:
    not signed
  • type:
  • instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal, percussion, woodwind, rock band
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Svjata Vatra's trademark is a unique line up - temperamental Ukrainian trombone and scythe together with the Estonian bagpipes produce amazing sound patterns, which generate fiery, non-Nordic and extremely masculine energy that cannot but impress everyone.

The Estonian and Ukrainian members of the band, inspired by the two nations’ folk music, play a unique mixture of folk and rock, backed up by sparkling rhythm: this really can be called „fire-folk”, as the band defines their style. Svjata Vatra has played in many countries of Europe, their songs sound familiar in different regions. Very often a special mental and emotional connection is held between band and audience throughout the whole concert. This is a manifestation of common origin and geographically and culturally determined similarities. These are always much stronger than differences. Svjata Vatra is present to those who are lovers of live show!
In addition to gigging in Estonia, Svjata Vatra have performed in France, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, England, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary.

In 2009 Svjata Vatra’s song Kalyna was awarded as best folk/world music song in Estonia was performed at Showcase festivals: Tallinn Music Week and Eurosonic, Netherlands.

Powerful performances by captivating audience, generating an energizing ambiance and setting aglow people’s hearts – that is what Svjata Vatra is about.

Svjata Vatra will celebrate 10th anniversary at 2015 and planning touring in all over the world.



Svjata Vatra


photo by Laire Purikphoto by Jelena Rudi photo by Jelena Rudiphoto by Jelena Rudiphoto by Jelena Rudiphoto by Jelena Rudiphoto by Jelena Rudiphoto by Laire Purikphoto by Laire Purikphoto by Laire Purikphoto by Laire Purikphoto by Laire Purik


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Jak by Meni syvyi kin' / If I would have a grey horse

CD ''Svitlyi schljah'' 2013


Tulesõnad / The charm of fire

A smiths song about knowledge of the fire. Fire has to be taken good care of, otherwise it may show it’s power. Fire’s the source of everything.


Mak / Poppy (singing game)

This singing game is talking about the poppy. Poppy is a flower that in Ukraine is considered to be one of the greatest symbols of fertility.

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