"Svitlyi schljah" - Svjata Vatra

Svjata Vatra
CD-Svitlyi schljah
CD-Svitlyi schljah


This singing game is talking about the poppy. Poppy is a flower that in Ukraine is considered to be one of the greatest symbols of fertility
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SVJATA VATRA released fourth studio album called “SVITLYI SCHLJAH” (A brighter way) in April 2013.
New CD contains ukrainian famous children singing games and estonian runo songs with new rocky arrangement.
Main theme is freedom to everyone to choose always a brighter way.

Folk World Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi schljah” CD review by Eelco Schilder 2013
Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi Schljah”

Gogol Bordello meets the Kalevala, dance music that makes a difference!
Trombonist Ruslan Trochynskyi had played in Ukrainian folk rock band Haydamaky. 
In 2005 he moved to Estonia and formed the group Svjata Vatra (holy fire in Ukrainian) with local Estonian musicians. 
These days it is the trio of Kulno Malva (accordion, bagpipes), Juhan Suits (bagpipes, wooden horn, whistle) and Martin Aulis (drums, percussion).
Ruslan, the spiritual leader of Svjata Vatra, is a unique trombone player as well as a keen vocalist, and along the way using the scythe as a rhythm instrument.
As previous releases, their fourth studio album “Svitlyi Schljah” (A Brighter Way) blends Ukrainian and Estonian roots, kiddies’ game songs and runo songs, with punk and rock aesthetics.