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An incatation for butter-making.
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  • country:Estonia
  • style(s):Dance, Ethno
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic, percussion, visual, woodwind, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Estonian Traditional Music Center NGO

Line up

  • Jalmar Vabarna (12-string guitar, voc)
  • Sandra Sillamaa (Est.-bagpipes, sopr.sax, whistles, jew's harp, voc)
  • Tõnu Tubli (drums, voc)


Trad.Attack! is a real dance-along turbo-Nordic-folk band which brings back the energy, purity and sincerity of Estonian folk music.

The trio elegantly unites its complex-free approach, magnificent sense of the legacy of the past and modern technical solutions into a symbiosis. Trad.Attack! is inspired by the great superstars of their time, the Estonian folk singers and instrumentalist who created and performed music for work, leisure time and festivities. The band brings the archive recordings and this way also the original performers on stage with them.

Just within 9 months the newest band in Estonian music scene has had a very warm welcome from audience and critics. Their debut-concert was in March 2014 in Tallinn Music Week and with their new approach and fresh energy they bewitched hall full of people. Since then their tunes have been in radio playlists and they gave sold-out concerts in Viljandi Folk Music Festival and performed in most significant festival in Latvia - Positivus.

Helen Sildna (the organiser of Tallinn Music Week): “Trad.Attack! is like a fireball, like fresh grapefruit juice, they turn the life on – you should have it every morning!”

Trad.Attack!’s first EP was released in July and has had very positive feedback. The reveiw of the EP: “The synergy of the three blazes brightly and it is possible that Trad.Attack!’s vital, deeply engineered debut album fitting precisely into the 21st century marks the birth of a new generation in Estonian folk.”

The three members are gorgeous Estonian bagpiper Sandra Sillamaa, funky guitarist Jalmar Vabarna and shrewd drummer Tõnu Tubli. Their master plan is to play in every country in the world!