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An incatation for butter-making.
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Trad.Attack!’s debut EP is the thing to listen for everyone, even for someone far from folk music.
The synergy of the three blazes brightly and it is possible that Trad.Attack!’s vital, deeply engineered debut album fitting precisely into the 21st century marks the birth of a new generation in Estonian folk or is at least an important sign on the way.

Song descriptions:

One of Trad.Attack!’s favourites, Liisa Kümmel, subtly supported by Jalmar Vabarna, participates in the opening tune ”Kooreke” (”Precious Cream”). Words that in old times were spoken during the process of making butter have been sung into the recording pipe by Liisa in 1961. A grasping tune that works remarkably well with the video.

”Aitumakest” (”Thanks”) also appears to be built up on Liisa Kümmel’s vocals and is a tune supported by a very hypnotic playing of the Jew’s harp. This brings out the distinctively comprehendable magical aura that accompanies Trad.Attack!’s music.

“Kuukene” (“Moon”) is indisputably one of the highlights of the EP, beginning psychedelic and carrying on romantically dreaming. This is an aboriginal incantation used to ask the Moon for youth and strength to the body.

To capture the atmosphere of ancient times so genuinely, authentically and suggestively is extremely rare. “Vihmakene” (“Rain”) gets the closest to jazz-like folk fusion and the trump to this is the echoing, alluring voice of Sandra Sillamaa.

The energetic and striking finale is a true ethno hit “Reied” (“Thighs”), once again playful and spiced by a dark subcurrent. In fact, this is not an authentic folk tune but is composed by Sillamaa and Vabarna.

(By music-critic Margus Haav)