"Secretos en Reunión" - Dúo FAIN MANTEGA

"Secretos en Reunion" CD cover. Photo: Carlos Furman. Design: Paula López


A famous Piazzolla tango with a particular Fain-Mantega version, with the voices playing their own game
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Paulina Fain on flutes and Exequiel Mantega on piano formed the Duo Fain-Mantega on 2004.
"Secretos en Reunión" is their Second CD, that was produced by EPSA Music in 2008.

The Cd is composed mainly by argentinean contemporary Tango and Folk pieces from Fain & Mantega. Paulina Fain plays in this CD different flutes, clarinet and piccollo.

In their repertoire they use the routes of Argentinian Folk and Tango music, developing a new and particular point of view, with a whole panorama with their own compostions and making a re-view of the Astor Piazzolla Music.

Their music has a particular and original sound, with an intimate character, that sometimes changes, and shows it self full of virtuosity.

This recording will be officially featured in Europe on 15th and 16th November 2008 at the "Admiralspalast" (Berlin, Germany)