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A particular version of the famous tango
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Fain-Mantega recorded their first album called “+ TANGO” in 2006, and got the well known singer Liliana Herrarro as a star feature.

The Fain-Mantega duet approaches the Argentinean Popular music from a new point of view.
Along their repertoire it can be said they created their own and particular perspective: approaching not only to “tango” but also to Argentinean folk music with their own compositions, generating some unique and original music arrangements on classical artists such as Astor Piazzola.
Their music has a particular and genuine sound, with an intimate character, that sometimes changes, and shows itself full of virtuosity.

This album was released simultaneously in Argentina, Germany and Austria, and had excellent critics by both the press and the audience.

+ TANGO has being sponsored by “Fondo Cultura BA” (from the Argentinean Government). It was precisely that material which made the duet win the “Bares Notables” contest in 2007, as well as be chosen by “El club del disco” as “the other album of the month”, scoring a sales record.

This CD is distributed in Argentina by South Unity Records and in Germany and Austria by Galileo Music Communication.

In March 2008 the “Der Spiegel” magazine (Germany) asked the Duet to be part of the “Tango Pasion” compiled CD that will have been sold later with the magazine in Germany. (12.000 copies)

Gustavo Beytelmann said about this record:

Gustavo Beytelmann said:

In the history of tango I don’t remember that the flute and piano duet had existed as an instrumental formula.
I think it is natural that in these amazing changing times for our popular music unusual formulas aimed at broadening the expressive power of tango are attempted. Such is the case of FAIN-MANTEGA duet.
Excellent musicians join their efforts in a repertoire embracing the classics, a unique vision of Piazzolla and their own compositions.
The soundness of the group the knowledge of the codes and conventions guiding this style, and the duet’s fantastic sound turn this CD into a very pleasant shared musical moment.

Gustavo Beytelmann
16th April, 2006 - Paris, France.