Dúo FAIN MANTEGA - European Tour October & November 2008

  • date:20 Oct 2008 - 14 Dec 2008
  • area: Spain-Germany-Austria-The Netherlands-Turkey
  • style(s):
    • Tango
    • World
  • status: published tour
  • continents:
    • Europe / Russia
  • tour submitted by:Fain - Mantega / Argentine World Music

The Duo FAIN-MANTEGA will present in the 2008 European tour the material of their second CD called “Secretos en Reunión”, material that was recorded in Buenos Aires in March 08 and that was produced by "EPSA MUSIC"

The 2008 European tour, as the the 2 last European tours, are sponsored by the Argentine Embassy, considering the Duo Fain-Mantega as one of the most important artist and “ambassadors” of the new Contemporary Argentine Music.

Fain-Mantega has a very important activity in Europe, in one year time the Duo has toured through Europe 3 times, giving more than 50 concerts in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

During the tours P.Fain and E.Mantega also teach an special workshop called "The tango language" teaching all the musical tango elements to musicians. During the European tour 2007 the "Philarmonic Dresden Orchestra" organiced the workshop in Germany.

Confirmed Dates


November 11 - DRESDEN
November 12 - DRESDEN
November 14 - SCHWERIN
November 15 and 16 - BERLIN : Official featuring of the new CD at the "Admiralpalast Berlin"
November 17 - SCHWERIN
November 19 - LEIPZIG
November 22 - HERZOGENBURG
November 26 - INSBRUCK
November 28 - ANDELSBUCH
November 29 - ERFURT
November 30 - DRESDEN


December 4 - ROTTERDAM
December 6 - ROTTERDAM
December 7 - ST. JOOSLAND

Offered Dates

From 21 to 26 October (SPAIN)
From 3 to 9 November (TURKEY)
20 November (GERMANY - AUSTRIA)
21 November
23 November
27 November

1 to 3 December (THE NETHERLANDS)
From 8 to 14 December (EUROPE)




European Tour 2007 (March ) Schwerin, GermanyConcert at the ORF-Kultur Cafe (Wien) European tour 2007


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El Choclo (A. Villoldo)

A classic tango with a powerfull and new version by Fain-Mantega


Milonga de mis amores (P.Laurenz)

Typical milonga, with a new Fain-Mantega version

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