Exequiel Mantega

participation in

  • WOMEX 2008

Pianist, arranger and composer

estudiesHe graduated from the Escuela de Autores y Compositores "Sebastián Piana" (SADAIC) in 2004, where he studied with the masters Rodolfo Alchourrón, Samy Mielgo, Juan C. Cirigliano, amongst others.
He studied Piano with teacher Laura Ramirez since 1993.
He studied composition and orchestration with Juan C. Cirigliano.
He took the "course – concourse" of Piano as listener with teachers Antonio De Racco, Stefano Mancusso y Pía Sebastiani, and the course about musical interpretation with master Dino Saluzzi (at the National Conservatory)
He is currently studying composition with Laura Baade.professional career LA MÁQUINA CINEMÁTICA
(The Cinematic Machine)

This project begins in the middle of 2006 and was born as a composition work. Later, on 2007 “EPSA Publishing” broadcasted the music as: “Pequeñas obras para Chelo Clarinete y Piano” (Small music works for Cello, Clarinet and Piano) and during 2008 starts to begin the development of the group

“La máquina cinemática” (The cinematic machine)
The group is formed by Patricio Villarejo(Cello), Gustavo Hunt (clarinet), Leonardo Alvarez (drums) and Exequiel Mantega (piano and conduction)
The main purpose of the project is to get the listener carried away and to take it from the listening itself to image creation, guiding him to generate its own “imaginary movie”
Along its short history, “La Maquina Cinemática” has given 2 successful live concerts; the first one was at “No Avestruz” on the 9th of April, and the second one at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes ´s Auditorium, on 4th May.
Its next project is the recording of the first album in 2009.


(2005/2006) Exequiel took part as Conductor Assistant and piano player at the Musical Comedy show “The producers” in Bs.As. (Starred by Enrique Pinti and Guillermo Francella)
In 2008 he took auditions for the musical comedy show “EVA, el gran musical argentino”, starred by Nacha Guevara and conducted by Alberto Favero.

He is currently playing at the Mielgo-Mantega-Condomí trio, performing an Argentinean Folk repertory, including also some of his own compositions.
In 2005, he recorded the second album of the trio, called “A otro lugar”. The trio won the “Premios Gardel” (Gardel Awards) as “Grupo Revelación” (Revelation Group) of the year.

In 2005 he has recorded a CD with the trio of Contemporary Argentinean Music “Quasimodo” with Daniel Ruggiero (Bandoneon) and Nicolás Rainone (Double Bass) with great comments about this recording from Daniel Binelli, Gustavo Beytelmann and José Mosalini.


During 2004/2005 he carried out 5 different tours around USA and Europe with Sandra Luna group, which was nominated for the international Grammy Awards in 2005.
Moreover, he accomplished various tours in New York, Washington D.C., L. A. California, Montreaux, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, among others.

From 2003 to 2005 he was part of the band of José Angel Trelles (who was the singer chosen by Astor Piazzolla to sing "Maria de Buenos Aires”) and together, they performed extensively in Buenos Aires.
Since August 2003 he’s been playing on “Magdalena Leon” band in Buenos Aires and inland.
In 2002 he started performing as a session musician, playing and recording with Cecilia Todd, Gilberto Gil, Liliana Herrero, Lucho Gonzales, Walter Rios, Carlos Buono, Domingo Cura, Oscar Alem among others.

He started his professional career at the "Café Tortoni" when he was 10 years old, taking part of a show that was performed far and wide in Buenos Aires and last for 8 years.

Exequiel Mantega

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