Paulina Fain

manager, composer, musician


Paulina Fain is flutist, composer and at the same time is managing, since 10 years, her own musical projects with the production of recording and european tours.

On 2004 she formed the Duo Fain-Mantega with Exequiel Mantega on piano, making classics of Tango with personal versions, new compositions and Astor Piazzolla music.
The Duo has produced in 2006 their first CD called “+ Tango”, that is distributed in Argentina by South Unity Records and in Germany and Austria by Galileo Music Communication.
The Duo has produced their Second CD in June 2008, called “Secretos en Reunión” in a co-production with EPSA Music.
The Cd is composed mainly by argentine contemporary Tango and Folk pieces from Fain & Mantega.
In Europe, this material will be featured in a 2-month tour, throught Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain and Turkey during October and November 2008.
Paulina has managed all the Fain-Mantega´s european tours, organicing more than 50 concerts in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy during 3 different tours.

In 2003 she formed "Tango Desatado" Quartet with her own arrangements and compositions.
The Quartet played extensively in Buenos Aires, including a presentation at the “VII Bs.As. Tango Festival) (2005)
She produced and recorded an album called “Tango Desatado” that is distributed in Argentina by South Unity Records and in France by “Argentine Tango”
Paulina carried out 2 European tours in September 2004 and June & July 2005 performing “Tango destacado” and giving more than 20 concerts in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria.
She decided to dissolve the quartet at the end of 2005.

In 1999 she formed the Tango Duet "Las Pibas", with Analía Goldberg on piano.
In 2001 they toured around the Argentine Atlantic Cost for two months, giving more than 30 concerts.
In December 2001 they recorded their first album.
In January 2002 they made a European tour and performed in 16 German and Swiss cities.
In September 2002 they carried out another European tour playing in 17 cities around Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. While she was working for the duet in Europe, she also taught a tango flute workshop in Milan. (2002)

During the months of June and July of 2001, she toured 12 Germany cities with the Saxophone Tango Quartet "D´Coté", playing Tenor Saxophone and Flute.
She took part of a new European tour with this same group in February 2004.

In 1994 she formed "Tangata Rea" Quintet, a group that from the beginning played traditional and dance style tango, starting a tendency that would grow and develop towards the new tango generation.
With Tangata Rea she performed more than 200 shows in Buenos Aires and along many provinces of Argentina.
The group was named "The young Tango group of the Year" by the government of Buenos Aires (1996) and was invited to represent Argentina at the "Cumbre Internacional del Tango" in 1997.
Tangata Rea made 2 tours in the United States, playing in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Colorado. The group was chosen to inaugurate the Carlos Gardel corner at the Paramount Studios. (Hollywood) (1997).
They also undertook a two-month tour around Europe playing in more than 20 cities in 1998.
In this period, Tangata Rea recorded a CD: "Alla Baila", edited by Winter & Winter, Germany. (1998)
The group broke up in 1999.

Paulina devised two different workshops on Tango Musicality, called “The Tango Language” (for musicians) and another one for dancers, called “Musicality Tango Workshop”, working on different rhythms and styles of tango music.

She is currently teaching flute technique and tango flute private classes at her studio in Buenos Aires and she also teaches every time she goes on tour.
Nowadays, she is preparing the edition of her own book: “ATRAVERSADA- The flute in the Tango”, a book which contains every teaching material for learning how to deal with the melodies on the tango language.
She is currently searchein for a publisher in Europe

References about her flute career can also be found at "El Libro de Oro del Tango" / “The Golden Tango Book” (by Horacio Ferrer).

participating in

  • WOMEX 2008