Vieux Mac Faye

Vieux Mac Faye
Vieux Mac Faye


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  • country:Senegal
  • region:West Africa
  • style(s):Blues, Jazz
  • label:Fapman Records
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Fapman Records

Line up

  • Vieux Mac Faye (Guitar, lead vocal)


Vieux Mac Faye is the creator of "joolof blues", a unique style which combines the strength of the rhythm of African music with the intensity of the blues. The result translates into a surprising ethnic jazz which has reached its greatest embodiment with the "Mac Tenor Band", his group since 1989.

His name is one of the most prestigious in Senegalese music, both within and outside the country, and one of the most respected among African musicians.

Recognized guitar virtuoso and an excellent singer, Vieux Mac is a versatile musician and a great performer with traditional instruments such as the riti and the kora among others.

Vieux Mac was born into a family of musicians. His brothers Lamine and Habib took their first steps in the world of music with the riti, until they became part of Omar Pene's Super Diamono, and Youssou Ndour's Super Etoile, respectively.

Mac Faye followed his own route evolving and experimenting with a symbiosis of rhythms which would turn him into an indispensable musician of the great venues of "Dakar by Night" (casinos, clubs and concert halls amongst others), together with the great percussionist Papa Niang with whom he formed the well-known band "Sabar Tam", during the 80s.

In 1984 he took part as arranger and guitarist on Ismael Lo's album and later would do the same with Cheichk Lo.

On an international level, Vieux Mac has confirmed his talent by sharing the stage with musicians of the stature of Stevie Wonder, Didier Lockood and with productions in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Committed to the future and life of his country he also declares his commitment to music "My passion for music has turned it into my sole occupation, since it's a jealous art and does not allow another rival...."

Since 2003 he has split his dedication to his own productions and the staging of his music, with the school "Arcs en Sons" which he founded himself. In the school he has created a unique method of teaching the guitar and traditional instruments like the kora, the djembe, the balafon, the sabar and the khalam amongst others.

His latest album, "Vision", is a step forward. It was produced between Europe and Africa by the record label Fapman Records. It is bold in the prominence it gives to traditional African instruments within the "joolof blues", creating a fascinating "sound system" which separates it from traditional jazz to generate its own exclusive sound.