Cahit Ece

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  • Feryad


Cahit was born in Kurdistan in the city Wan, an area where cultures such as the Kurdish, the Armenian, the Azerbaijani and the Turkish meet.
When Cahit was 10 years old he decided to follow in his parents' footsteps and began to play the duduk and the kaval.
In 1996 he was accepted as student in the Music Conservatory in Istanbul. During this time he worked with a number of famous musicians and the musical work was concentrated on Anatolia and Balkan. His musical horizon was broadened and covered a specter from Balkan to Asia.
Cahit has released two CD's so far:

Berya in 2002
Feryad in 2009

Furthermore, Cahit can be heard in a number of other CD's-
Cahit's musical talent has made him sought-after in other genres and he continues the proud duduk and kaval tradition in the finest manner.

At the moment Cahit teaches in Denmark at the World Music School (WMC) belonging to Århus Musikskole.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2009