"Timbuktu Tarab" - Khaira Arby

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    Khaira Arby
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    Khaira Arby
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    • Traditional
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    Clermont Music
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    PopcornLab Paris FR

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Ioday's sounds from contemporary Africa, from mysterious Timbuktu, the crossroads of religions, cultures and epochs. Through her music, Khaira Arby bridges cultures. With her rock band, she sings about work, love, family, women and the toll of war. The musical arrangements are a complex fusion of driving electric guitars and bass with drumkit, calabash, ngoni and traditional violin. You can hear rhythms of the camel caravans, desert blues, contemporary rock and roll -- all sounds of that are heard in contemporary Mali. Named one of the top 25 Albums of Malian music by Songlines magazine in July of 2013. Relatively unknown outside of Mali before 2010, Khaira was broght to to the wider world through the efforts of Clermont Music and this album release. The music has a rough garage band sound grounded in tradition.


Khaira Arby


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A song about the Islamic religious festival, Mahoulid



Praising the legendary ancient Touareg servant, Djaba.



A song about the anguish of women.

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