"Addoh" - Oumar Konate

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    Oumar Konate
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    Oumar Konate
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    • Rock
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    Clermont Music
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    Nolan + Associates Productions LLC

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Addoh is Oumar Konate's international debut album. Recorded during the historic 2012-2013 political crisis in Mali, it represents a transition in his musical journey, a sound treatise on the emotions and experiences of young Malians as they lived through the rebellion and coup d'etat that was shattering their country and their dreams of a better future. Recorded in Africa and the U.S., these tracks reflect contributions by several master African and American musicians. The combination of ancient and modern instruments reveals the sophistication of the many gifted artists in Africa. Versed in tradition and connected by global media, they combine sounds in new ways, expressing their aspirations and ideas. And through it all, Konate's guitar shreds. Mahalmadane Traoré (drums, calabash, conga); Dramane Toure (bass and rhythm guitar); Professor Louie (keyboards, Hammond organ, grand piano and accordion); Zoumane Tekereta: (traditional violin); Adramane Idrissa Maiga (ngoni); Amadou Keita (djembe); Cheick Diallo (wooden flute); Sidiki Diabaté (kora); and The Debo Band horn section.


Oumar Konate


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Addoh means "Tears". A girl forced to wed a man she doesn't love looks back as she's riding off to her new home and laments for the man she did love.



A kora guitar duet with Sidiki Diabate

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