"new wassoulou perception" - banda de saba

banda de saba
new wassoulou perception


new perception
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  • artist:banda de saba
  • region:West Africa
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):Experimental, Wassoulou
  • country:Mali
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record submitted by:Festival Etnosur
  • label:world music spirit
  • publisher:visualsonora
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The name of this band mentions the great wassoulou warrior Saba.

“Banda de Saba,is an original format ensemble which takes traditional and original kamalengoni songs harmonised in different styles(shongay,tamashek,afro-beat,electronic,rumba,etc)

The proposal of this band is to create a musical bridge between Spain and Mali.Besides that,Luis Gimenez also some of his compositions inspired in his studies as ethnomusicologist in Sahara “Los mares del desierto”(documentary about saharaui music) and Mali.

“Banda de saba” has a huge repertory with and extremely nice variety that makes a whole world from every single song.

+ info in www.lgimenez.com
label: World music Spirit