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  • country:Spain
  • region:Murcia
  • style(s):Global Fusion, World
  • label:world musicspirit
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Festival Etnosur

Line up

  • Carlos pelegrin (guitar)
  • Javi Valdes (drum kit)
  • Jordi Gandia (latin percussion)
  • Justo Tornero (percussion)
  • Luis Gimenez (guitar,mbira,vocals)
  • Natalia Molina (backing vocals)
  • Ruben Conca (Bass)
  • Sandra Espartal (Backing vocals)


The group Dimeiwe was formed in September of 2004. Luis Gimenez, after five years in London, made the decision to return to Villena – his home town in Spain. After his period away he returned with a wealth of inspiration from various musical styles to implement in new compositions. During his time in London, Luis was awarded a BA in music from SOAS ( School of Oriental and African Studies). Whilst studying for his degree he was a “concertista” of contemporary guitar, dedicating time to song-writing and regularly performing Bossa nova gigs in the Terrace Hotel in London. Besides regular performances with his band (Dimeiwe) , Luis Gimenez has collaborated with numerous World Music maestros- great performers and artists such Ahmed Muktar (Iraq), Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwe), Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe), Linos Wengara ( Zimbabwe), Andre Oliveira (Brazil), “The Kurdish percussionist of Iran” and Safar Gnawa (Morrocco). Dimeiwe take musical influences from the typical cyclical-entrancing African music of musicians such as Thomas Maphumo and Fela Kuti, moulding these themes with a typical Latin flavour to give an original upbeat fusion . The group has a unique and original formula of composing that is continually developing and maturing to accommodate new styles and influences. Luis appreciates that many other musicians subscribe to the theme of “music fusion” , however Dimeiwe are determined in their quest to produce music that doesn’t necessarily conform to commercial aspirations but rooted in an authentic spirituality. This is evident in two new albums Luis has produced in 2006 and his manifestation of Dimeiwe..s innovative approach to music creativity. The groups first performances in various locations in Spain were based on traditional “Chimurenga” ( Zimbawean revolutionary ) music. Chimurenga is itself based on traditional mbira ( Zimabawean instrument) melodies . Later on other influences such as Reggae, Afrobeat , Congolese Rumba, Cuban son, samba,mande,malagasy,etc, were included into an every encompassing repertoire. The quest to experiment with various musical styles and influences doesn’t stop here . In 2004 Luis and some members of the band travelled to the Saharaui refugee camps in Tinduf (Algeria) to learn and document the musical and cultural practices of the Saharaui people. That work has been summarised in a combined book and documentary– “The seas of the Desert”. Influences of this scarcely appreciated Arabic music are evident in Dimeiwe..s latest compositions. In November of 2006 Luis also did a musical ressearch in Mali with Adama Drame( ex-guitar player of Omou Sangare and Zani Diabate from “Jata Band”).He explored the different musical styles in this country,from Tamashek( touareg) passing through griot music, shonrai( Ali Farka Toure), dogon,wassoulou, etc. A cocktail of melodic and rhythmic influences can be appreciated in two new albums (thirty themes in total) . In December of 2007 the third album "Desapego" was released with a new approach of this original band. In 2008 after presenting the new album decided to stop for a while.At the moment,Luis Gimenez created some other projets releasing albums with Demachena "cést fou" and Banda de saba "noche wassoulou


"desapego" - dimeiwe