(3 Fiddles, Donegal Style!)

*Available for Touring in 2011*

"The only instruments used in the making of this recording were fiddles"

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"3 is a masterclass in the marriage of tradition and musical exploration, and a milestone in traditional music" - Irish Times

Ciaran O’ Maonaigh and Aidan O'Donnell (2010 TG4 Young Musician of the Year) are two young fiddle players who hail from opposite ends of that most musical of counties, Donegal.

McGeehan became involved with Ó Maonaigh (nephew of Altan's Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh ) and O’Donnell shortly after they released Fidil, their debut as a duo, in 2008. What started as a one-off collaboration for the Donegal Bluestacks Festival morphed into something entirely new, as the three fiddlers were drawn in earnest to arranging tunes for three fiddles.

Their music making is marked by an intricate and intelligent approach that still manages to maintain the element of fiery exhuberance that is the hallmark of traditional fiddle music from Donegal. This is traditional music for the 21st century - mindful of its origins but breathtakingly exciting in its ambition and delivery.

Fidil released their debut cd, ‘3’ to widespread acclaim in 2009.

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