Fira Mediterrània generates a return of €8 per euro invested for Manresa

The impact on the area is worth between €2,400,000 and €2,959,000

According to the perception study carried out by Bages University Foundation (FUB) on the economic impact for Manresa and the region of last Fira Mediterrània, the event is popular, well-known and well regarded by local people. The results have been published at a press conference at the Manresa Chamber of Commerce, which also presented the new President of the Fira Executive Committee, Lluís Puig Gordi. Mr Puig, who is the new director of the Centre for Promotion of Catalan Folk and Traditional Culture at the Department of Culture in the Generalitat of Catalonia, was accompanied by Marc Bernadich, coordinator of the study at Bages University Foundation.

The shows performed during the 2010 Fira attracted audiences of between 88,217 and 107,368 people, 32,297 of whom were from outside the Bages region. The final economic impact adds what is technically referred to as additional expenditure, obtained by estimating visitor numbers using the differential of the amount of rubbish generated in the vicinity of the Fira site, which rose by 7%. Additional expenditure is added to direct expenditure, giving a final figure of between €2,402,150 and €2,959,018, which translates into a return of €8 per euro invested.

91% of people who came to Manresa for last year's Fira would recommend the experience.

article submitted by:Laia Valls, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa (Catalonia / Spain)