Opening performance of the tribute to Salvador Mel•lo

Opening performance of the tribute to Salvador Mel•lo in Mercat de les Flors, a coproduction with the forthcoming Fira Mediterrània

On 2 April, Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona is the setting for the opening performance of the show Melo i Mel•lo, a tribute to the traditional dance choreographer Salvador Mel•lo (1930-2001) directed by Lali Mel•lo (his daughter) to mark the tenth anniversary of his death. The show has been coproduced by the 14th Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, with the collaboration of the Department of Culture's Centre for the Promotion of Catalan Folk Culture, Mercat de Les Flors, Institut del Teatre and Sant Cugat Town Council; it will also feature on the programme at the next Fira.

The show presents choreographed pieces by Mel•lo and will be performed by Grup Mediterrània (formerly Esbart de Sant Cugat), with whom Mel•lo worked, contemporary ex-dancers, professional dancers from various disciplines - classic, contemporary and jazz, dancers and ex-dancers from a number of companies and amateur dancers. The show also features Eulàlia Blasi, prima ballerina with Esbart Verdaguer and Mel•lo's muse, along with musical accompaniment by Cobla Principal del Llobregat. Mel•lo, director and choreographer with Esbart Verdaguer, gave an innovative twist to traditional dance throughout his extensive career.

Sala Ovidi Montllor in Mercat de les Flors: 2 April at 20h and 3 April at 18h

Ticket prices: from €5 to €10

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article submitted by:Laia Valls, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa (Catalonia / Spain)