The international performing arts exchange network, IETM

La Fira Mediterrània now forms part of the international performing arts exchange network, IETM, through COFAE.

The Coordinator of Performing Arts Fairs in Spain (COFAE), of which La Fira Mediterrània is a member, now forms part of the Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM) network, also known as International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, with the objective of opening up international exchange and mobility channels for the performing arts.

The IETM is the largest network in Europe of performing arts, with over 400 members in 45 different countries (mostly European countries although there are some others such as Canada and Australia). The aim of IETM is to encourage the quality and development of contemporary performing arts in a global environment by setting up professional networks, the dynamic exchange of information, the transfer of know-how and the presentation of good practice examples.

The IETM was created in 1981 in the framework of the 5th Festival of Polverigi (Ancora, Italy). Since then, the IETM organizes two plenary meetings a year, always in different cities and with a growing number of professional participants at each edition, following a programme of debates during the day and performances in the evening. The next plenary meeting will be held in Cracow, Poland.

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article submitted by:Jordi Bertran, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa (Catalonia / Spain)