From the cattle rearing Llanos Orientales, region of Colombia, Cimarron perform the festive music of ‘joropo’, a fiercely virtuoso display of rippling melodies and powerful rhythms combining Andalusian, Indigenous Indian and African roots.

Led by harpist Carlos Rojas, and the llanera singer Ana Veydó, Cimarron seek to explore and experiment with their rich heritage whilst retaining the essence of the tradition. To the traditional musical instruments of the Joropo music style, Cimarron have added instruments such as the Peruvian-flamenco cajón, the Brazilian surdo, the Afro-Colombian tambora and the zapateada dance as a rhythmic-percussive component, developing a new type of sonority for the Colombian joropo which has begun to influence the new generations of musicians of this genre.

Cimarron is the most accomplished llanero group in Colombia, and the one with the greatest international projection; the powerful stage force of the Cimarron joropo, played with harp, bandolas, cuatro, bass, voices and ethnic percussion, added by the expressive dance of zapateos, has captivated the audiences of about thirty countries around the world. His long international career includes performances at the most prestigious festivals of the international circuit of World Music in Europe, America, India and Asia, as well as other important festivals in Africa and China in which Cimarrón has alternated with the most prestigious figures of the contemporary musical scene.

Throughout his career Cimarrón has obtained important recognitions. Cimarrón’s Smithsonian album Si Soy Llanero was nominated for a Grammy in 2005; Cimarrón´s last album !Cimarrón!Joropo Music from the Plains of Colombia won the Best Latin Album Category of the Independent Music Awards 2012. Their last album Orinoco collects the songs and instrumental creations included in the show of the same name that the band has staged during the last years in the most prestigious stages of the international circuit. The album recreates the powerful force that characterizes the performances of the band in its integral show of llanero music, songs and dance “Orinoco”, that has been called with justice as The llanero party put in scene.