Lorraine Klaasen

Lorraine Klaasen is reputed as being 1 of 2 of Nelson Mandela’s favorite singers. The other favorite singer is her mother, the legendary Thandie Klaasen.

Lorraine is one of the few South African artists who has preserved the classic sound of ‘Township Music‘, which continues to be the most distinctive sound to come out of South Africa. Born and raised in Soweto, Lorraine has electrified audiences worldwide with her dynamic stage presence and showmanship.

And now Lorraine is back with her latest release Nouvelle Journée . Once again working with guitarist and producer Mongezi Ntaka – also on board for the project are Congolese drummer Noel Mpiaza and Haitian musician Medad Ernest contributing his jazz and gospel groove on the accordion and keyboards. Assane Seck, the most in-demand Senegalese artist in Montréal, brothers André and Ross Whitman (of the famed West Indian soca band Jab Jab) as well as Québec double-bassist Cédric Dind-Lavoie, who has become a fixture on the local world music scene. And just to add a little extra dynamite to the mix, an irrepressible trio of young black choral singers.

-2013 Winner of the 2013 Juno Award for World Music Album of the Year
-Daughter of legendary South African singer, Thandie Klaasen.

Lorraine Klaasen


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