Javier Jiménez Mendoza

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CEO of Folelé Producciones.
CEO and artistic programmer of International Festival Boreal.
Organizer and consultant for cultural events and programs of regional, national and international character (from 2000 to present), specialist on International Music & Arts Festivals and manager of several ones.
Artistic director for Teatro Leal de La Laguna, Tenerife (2008, 2009).
Cultural manager and programmer for the department of Culture of the municipality of La Laguna, scheduling and coordinating exhibitions, installations, lectures, music, theater, performance, dance, film, documentaries, series, festivals, cultural events, etc. (2007 and 2008).
Master Superior University Cultural Planning and Management.
Conference at VII International Euro-American Campus of Cultural Cooperation.
Doctor in Comparative Literature from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and La Laguna (Spain).
Degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of La Laguna.
Journalism Studies at the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of La Laguna.
Awards, Publications and Journalistic Collaborations regional and national. Presentations, lectures, conferences and round tables. Assistant regulate international fairs and markets music and other artistic disciplines (from 2002 to present).

Folelé Producciones is a producer and agency specializing in cultural management and artistic programming, coordinating and executing tasks of Management, Booking, Consulting and advice for cultural cycles and events, development of international touring, festival management and cultural communication.
Folelé Producciones is a production company and agency that develops programming jobs and cultural management, with a staff highly qualified and background of more of 15 years of experience in different areas of public and private cultural management. The services in which we specialize are the Management and Booking of artists, Production, Touring, Consulting and full Communication. These services are developed as representation and booking agency, international agency for management and distribution of artists, producing events and festivals, and working as a consultant in the areas of management, sharing and cultural policies.
Website: www.foleleproducciones.es

Promoted by Folelé Producciones the Festival Boreal is aimed at a very wide range of audiences.
Only in its last edition of 2016, more than 15.000,00 people were attended it along its 4 main days of activities offered.
Environmental awareness and respectful to many other world cultures through their traditional musical events and other cultural activities approach are the pillars of Boreal Festival, an unique cultural and artistic eco-event that develops with these features in Islands Canary Islands and Spain.
Our Festival is an event celebrated in Spain, Canary Islands, in several stages through the historical town of Los Silos situated in Tenerife.
The concept of the Festival is a multicultural approach to the different cultures in the world through arts, music, gastronomy, ecology, other arts, etc. An important event with a deep ecological compromise. We have celebrated 9 editions were we have included concerts, conferences, market, arts, cinema, gastronomy from countries around the world. Since 2015 the dimensions of the Festival have crossed frontiers and it is now one of the most recommended events in Spain from specialized magazines and national press, due we are a "boutique Festival", a very enjoyable experience where arts, music, nature and organic food are major attractions. The festival has passed from 1.000 pax up to 15.000 in less than 3 years under our direction, leading the economy of this area of Tenerife for the end of the year with a great develope of tourism instalations and a huge impact in the economy of the area.
The festival, which has a multicultural identity and is an eco-festival, is held on the north coast of Tenerife, in different spaces next an amazing historical seventeenth-century convent, in a natural setting at the foot of a volcano which is Biosphere Reserve and it has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
An unique festival for its uniqueness and its characteristics, with a natural, idyllic and exotic location in the north of the island of Tenerife.
Website: www.festivalboreal.es

Javier Jiménez Mendoza

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