Jiri Moravcik

dramaturg consultant

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Jiří Moravčík (1959)
A freelance music journalist concerned with world music and the traditional music. Besides the cooperation with lot of the music magazines and with a daily press he presents his programs on the radio Vltava and on the Czech radio Hradec Kralove. His first book "Celtic music" has been published in 2004 and his second book "In the Mouth of an African Crocodile" in 2006. The author is also a dramaturge and a cooperator of many Czech music festivals (Colours of Ostrava, United Islands of Prague, Folk Holidays, Respect etc.).

A small guide to the world of world music
Web site of the freelance journalist Jiří Moravčík and the photographer Yvetta Stránská deals with world music. It is the only one in Czech Republic. It is made as a service for an ordinary listener. It offers the reviews of the albums, the profiles of the artists, the exotic instruments, the contacts of publishing labels and interesting festivals and lot of important web links. It also shows the current events of the world music stage and interesting concerts from Czech Republic or from abroad. Its part is also an extensive photo-gallery. The authors of the web site cooperate with top labels and festivals aimed at world music. The web site has met a great response in Czech Republic. Hundreds of world music fans visit the web site per day. An interest of foreign visitors of our web site increases. Therefore its English version is coming soon. We are looking for a donator to translate these pages into english version.

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