"Songs of Krishna" - Various Folk artistes

  • artist:Various Folk artistes
  • release year:2002
  • style(s):Folk, Traditional
  • country:India
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc), MC (Music Cassette),
  • record submitted by:Folk Music India Pvt. Ltd.
  • label:Beat of India.com


Krishna is one of the most intriguing paradoxes of Indian mythology, which is possibly why he has found universal following among varied sets and sects of people.
The ubiquitous God, Krishna takes on several different personas, mischievous child who steals butter from the pots of village women, treacherous lover who charms all the belles of the village at once and ensnares them in the music of his flute, unmatched strategist who redefines the philosophy of war in the great epic Mahabharata.
As Ram Kailash Yadav sings in Raas Rachaye,
All wisdom waits at his door
But the same Krishna teases women
No shortage of dry fruits or sweets
But Krishna is caught stealing milk and curd

The epitome of love, passion, mischief and wisdom, Krishna will remain Krishna, one of the most revered deities across the globe.

This is a collection of field recordings from the villages and towns of Northern India around Banaras, Mirzapur, Mathura and Allahabad and a substantial part of revenue goes back to the artistes.