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Forward Music is the most active independant music label in the Middle East with more than 40 CD releases to its credit.

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  • +961 1803436
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Forward Music was established in 2001 as a music label that pools together the cooperative efforts of young artists from the Middle East. Forward Music is committed to making an authentic contribution to our ever-changing culture and to the growing global dialogue of World Music.

Forward Music’s releases include artists such as: Charbel Rouhana, Soumaya Baalbaki, Ziyad Sahhab, Issa Ghandour, Ghazi Abdel Baki, Fareeq El Atrash, Lena Chamamian, Mustafa Said, Nida’ Abu Mrad, Cheikh Salah Yamout, Hazem Chaheen, Kinan Adhmi, Gros Bras, Paul Salem.



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