”Inspired by Swedish and Estonian folk music, this quartet make their own statement.”

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Ever since we were kids and started playing music, we’ve had a yearn to create something of our own. As siblings growing up together we shared music, dreams and visions which made us curious of what would happen if we wrote music together. In the spring of 2015 the dream became reality when we decided to form a band. Daniel, Natasja and Gabbi together with Säde, who became the fourth member of our family.
We soon discovered writing music together is a very surprising process. As siblings we have a lot in common musically, but we have always had our own areas and preferences. This formed an exiting basis of collaboration where we constantly discovered new things about each other. We´ve learned never to assume we know what to expect. To make things even better we now got the freshness of a fourth members ideas and background. Sädes roots in the Estonian folk music tradition added yet another flavor.

After working with the band only a couple of weeks we got the privilege of hosting an international competition in Estonia, where we were awarded for our music. Since then we have made tours around the world, including being invited as guests to play at the Swedish embassy in Guatemala. Touring and meeting an audience in so many different countries made us take the step of recording our first album, containing our first chapter together. We´re happy to see what the future holds for our music.


Our name is an old Swedish word referring to both family and kindred as well as fellow humans. There are also a specific type of ballad with roots from the Middle Ages occasionally called ”Vänner och Fränder” which means ”Friends and Kindred”.
This ballad has been told in many different ways through history but carries the same characteristic features. A maid is betrothed but her beloved is away at sea for a long time. During that time her relatives arrange a marriage with another man against her will, but during the wedding celebrations her true love comes home. She then sneaks away from the celebrations to lie in his arms and sail away with him. This ballad common both in Sweden and in Denmark.

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