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  • Birmingham calling

    We are a collective of musicians from all parts... 22 Oct 2007 - written by Simon Harris, Brum from United Kingdom
  • Looking for distribution in Europe and America

    HiArkhanoth is currently looking for a... 25 Oct 2007 - written by Mauricio Fernandez, Arkhanoth / Dark Ambient Prehispanic Music from Mexico

    Since his childhood Craig Adams has been an... 05 Nov 2007 - written by Xavier Baron, LMI Production from France
  • Looking for Booking agents, Promoters, Distributors, Festival Firms, Labels

    We are Britannia Rumba, based in Manchester... 11 Sep 2008 - written by Blanchard Jean Azip, Deplaizir & Britannia Rumba Band from United Kingdom
  • Pellizco

    With a pinch out of the wild and a few flamenco... 23 Sep 2008 - written by Juan V Villafruela Zúñiga, ICAS - Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes de Sevilla from Spain
  • Dhoad Gypsies From Rajasthan Touring in Europe Feb to Dec 2009 .

    Dhoad Gypsies From Rajasthan is Based in... 07 Oct 2008 - written by Rahis Bharti, Dhoad Gypsies From Rajasthan from France
  • Womex Delegation

    Our artists at the next womex... 13 Oct 2008 - written by Matthieu Meyer, Pôle Régional des Musiques Actuelles from La Réunion
  • Irish Music Agency

    Hello Womex friends.BallyO Promotions will be... 26 Oct 2010 - written by Tracy Costello Crawford, Ballyo Promotions from Ireland
  • Musica das Esferas | Label and Management

    Música das Esferas is a Lisbon based label which... 22 Apr 2009 - written by Tiago Torres Mascarenhas, Música das Esferas from Portugal
  • JAM sessions at JAZZHOUSE! FREE adm. for Womexicans!

    JAM sessions at COPENHAGEN JAZZHOUSE- FREE adm.... 20 Sep 2011 - written by Carolina Vallejo, One World from Denmark
  • International Instrumental Ensemble Competition TEREM CROSSOVER COMPETITION

    I International Instrumental Ensemble... 26 Oct 2009 - written by Svetlana Semenova, Terem-Quartet from Russian Federation
  • Meetings

    Hello, I'm Juan Marcos, will Womex presene in... 04 Jul 2010 - written by Juan Marcos Rojas, La Etnia Worldmusic from Italy
  • KAMAFEI south of ITALY

    "Kamafei" will be back to "Womex" in Copenaghen... 11 Oct 2010 - written by Antonio Melegari, Kamafei from Italy
  • more fairness - labels and artists wanted!

    “…musical artists have the right to obtain just... 20 Oct 2010 - written by Silvia Jura Santangelo, IG World Music Austria from Austria
  • GUZZ - Improve your Music

    GUZZ Worldwide Promotion & ManagementWill... 20 Oct 2010 - written by Jorge Guzman, GUZZ - Improve your Music from Spain
  • Loroza & Us Madureira

    LOROZABlack Brazilian from Madureira, heart of... 21 Oct 2010 - written by Raphael Queiroz, Rinoceronte Produções from Brazil
  • II Brazilian Night in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen's JazzHouse will host for the second... 22 Oct 2010 - written by Fernando Grecco, SPMúsica - Brazilian Music from São Paulo from Brazil
  • how to become femous!

    ************femous: 100 years centenary of... 25 Oct 2010 - written by Silvia Jura Santangelo, Globalista from Austria
  • CHICO PINHEIRO: The Latin Jazz Awards

    The Latin Jazz Corner Best Of The Year Awards is... 18 Jan 2011 - written by Camila Carnicelli, Buriti Produções Artisticas from Brazil
  • Jazz with Hijaz in London

    Arts Canteen and Zephyrus Management presents... 19 Feb 2011 - written by Aser El Saqqa, Arts Canteen Ltd from United Kingdom
  • GLP artist roster

    Please have a look at our substantial attractions... 14 Oct 2011 - written by Walter Laurer, Georg Leitner Productions GmbH from Austria
  • Les Hurlements d'Léo // European Tour // March 2012

    After playing this summer on some main festivals... 17 Oct 2011 - written by Jehan Paumero, Fenetour Concerts from Hungary
  • World Music Tv

    José Carlos II producer and host a weekly tv show... 18 Oct 2011 - written by José Carlos Da Silva Raimundo, José Carlos da Silva Raimundo (José Carlos II) from Denmark
  • Looking for Collaborations

    Looking for versatile, high profile and... 25 Oct 2011 - written by Sharma Srikanth, Srikanth Jyotsna from United Kingdom

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