Warsaw Village Band's "bio techno" polish folk
blows a wind of change into the Polish folk scene
For Western Europeans. The Warsaw Village Band is
one of the most outstanding groups to come out of
Poland in the past few years. Folk music is
undergoing a kind of renaissance in Poland, and
has become extremely fashionable. Old persons
who still play the traditional Polish instruments
were a major inspiration. It was with the help of
those people that most of the band members
learned to play the old instruments auto-
didactically. The most interesting instrument in the
collection of the WVB is certain to be the Suka: an
old Polish form of the violin, originating in the
sixteenth century, with strings that are played with
the fingernails. The other two women in the band
play the zither and the cello, two of the men play
drums, and one of them the violin and hurdy-
gurdy. The women sing with powerful voices, song.
'The vocal style is based on the so-called white
voice, a special traditional technique originating
with the shepherds.
1998 - HopSaSa
2003 - People's Spring (Jaro)
2005 - Uprooting (Jaro)
2007 - Remix (Jaro)




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