"Festa das Manhãs - Leandro Fregonesi" - Leandro Fregonesi

Leandro Fregonesi
Festa das Manhãs


(Leandro Fregonesi)
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Considered by experts and critics as one of the great exponents in the renewal of Brazilian samba, the versatile singer and songwriter Leandro Fregonesi released ‘Festa das Manhãs’ (Mornings’ Party), the second album of his career.
Festa das Manhãs is both sophisticated and simple, without fashion formulas. The disc, considered an important title of today’s samba, results in new and contemporary sound, but permeated with all the tradition samba.
He has been nominated for an important prize in Brazil as "Best Samba Singer" and "Best Samba Album".
And, with a pleasant product like this, the Brazilian Music can be renewed, generously.
It’s samba, volume up!