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Line up

  • Dario Sansone (Voice, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Ennio Frongillo (Lead Guitar)
  • Giovanni Schiattarella (Drum)
  • Giuliano Falcone (Bass)
  • Luigi Scialdone (Guitars, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo)


Foja are an Italian rock band formed in Naples in 2006.

In January 2011 they released their first album ‘Na storia nova, published by two independent labels: Full Heads and Materia Principale. The album release was disclosed by their first single ‘O sciore e ‘o viento and its animated videoclip that is about to hit 2.000.000 YouTube views.
In December 2011 they publish their new single Tu me accire only available through digital distribution.
In December 2012 the band put out the Foja Live 24/02/2012 EP, recorded during their concert at Teatro Trianon in Naples.

Dimane torna ‘o Sole, their second LP published by Full Heads and produced by Graf and Mad Entertainment, dropped in November 2013. ‘A malia, the first single taken from the album, features in the soundtrack of the animated movie L’arte della felicità, directed by Alessandro Rak. The movie was first shown in Venice International Film Festival and won, among others, the EFA European Film Award. ‘A malia was nominee at both David di Donatello Award and Nastri d’Argento Award as Best Original Song.
Donna Maria is the second single from the album: it features Francesco Di Bella (former leader of the band 24 Grana) and was supported by a new animated videoclip by Alessandro Rak.

In May 2014 they put out Da sule nun se vence maje, an unpublished single coauthored with the actor and director Alessandro Siani.

In December 2014 they published Astrigneme cchiù forte, a limited edition vinyl record that gathers, among others, a Spanish version of ‘O sciore e ‘o viento and two covers: the traditional Maruzzella and Che m’he fatto, from the 70’s band The Showmen.

One year later, in December 2015, Foja put out their Love Bag, a special bundle including the CD version of Astrigneme cchiù forte and ‘E vote ce cercamme pe’ sempe, a collection of twenty unpublished tracks such as outtakes, live recordings, demos and tryouts from the band history.

On January 9th 2016, they conclude the Dimane torna ‘o Sole Tour (started more than two years before) playing a sold out concert at Casa della Musica in Naples.

June 27th 2016 is an historic day for Foja. They have been the first rock band ever to perform in an electrical set in the oldest and most prestigious opera house in the World: the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. Their show “Cagnasse tutto”, directed by Franco Dragone, founder and artistic director o Cirque du Soleil, was sold out.

One month later, on July 23rd, they got another full house, playing a concert at Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples, one of the most evocative landmark in Italy, gathering more than 6000 fans.

Their third studio album “’O treno che va” came out on December 9th 2016.

In 2017 Foja’s songs contribute to several movie soundtracks: Chin’e pensieri from the new album ‘O treno che va is included in the soundtrack of Gomorroide, the movie starred and directed by the Ditelo Voi trio, in theatres on March 9th.
On April 6th, the new movie directed by Stefano Incerti, La Parrucchiera, features six Foja’s song in its soundtrack and a special cameo scene in which Foja perform their songs.
Furthermore, their song "A chi apartieni" is in the soundtrack of "Gatta Cenerentola" (Cinderella the Cat), the animation music directed by Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri and Dario Sansone (Foja's frontman), winner of four collateral awards at the 74th Venice Film Festival.