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Electrolatin pop fusion
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Line up

  • Isaac Moises Pineres Herrera (Tambor Alegre)
  • Manuel Alejandro Escallon Mayorga (Keyboard)
  • Sandra Milena Serrato Blanco (Voz)


Jaranatambo, a Latin-American urban musical band, born in 2001 in Bogota Colombia from Caribbean afro-atlantic Colombian roots, brings to all a sense of intercultural connexion and inclusion through its elegant creation of Latin fusion music to please very exquisite worldwide music lovers of all ages and status. 
Jaranatambo recorded already 3 discs and now it is working in the 4th one with guest artists such as Rafael Castro Gabriel Torregrosa Grammy Award winners, Sparkle Artist New Jersey USA, Louis Tower, Sammt comandante and many more.

JARANATAMBO with THE song OOEE was internationally recognized by important artists and pioneers of the industry like Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits and Rihana at the “International song writing composition awards 2010-2011 receiving the 3rd place in the ranking for the segment “world music” out of 15.000 songs. (Nashville, USA). Then Jaranatambo moved out of their country in 2014 with a tour around Canada and USA, Colombia and Ecuador . In this year Jaranatambo was again awarded with semi/finalist position in the same Nashville competition with the song Que te castigo ya. 

The pretensions of Jaranatambó are to provide to the world a taste of "what to be" a Latin-American means; through music, lyrics, alive performances and social interchange. Jaranatambó wants to transmit the Latin American feelings, thinking and emotions, to be later on, able to connect the people through our Latin way and so on promoting the global understanding, respect for the difference, inclusion and cultural experience.