Lokkhi Terra

Line up

  • Aanon Siddiqua (vocals)
  • Aneire Khan (vocals)
  • Graeme Flowers (trumpet)
  • Javier Camilo (vocals, percussion)
  • Jimmy Martinez (bass)
  • Justin Thurgur (trombone)
  • Kishon Khan (piano, leader)
  • Oreste Noda (congas, percussion)
  • Philip Dawson (guitar)
  • Shumon Chakroborty (tablas)
  • Sohini Alam (vocals)
  • Tansay Omar  (drums)


Horizons Stage (Special Focus)

Songlines magazine described them as "probably the world's best afrobeat-Cuban-Bangladeshi group". Perhaps they're even the only one. Certainly, there's not many bands that can so skilfully weave together such diverse influences into a serious global mix while carrying a sackful of great tunes too. Led by British-Asian, classically trained, jazz inspired pianist Kishon Khan, Lokkhi Terra represents the musical cutting-edge of multi-cultural 21st-century London, with a stellar multi-national cast of multi-experienced musicians fronted by three Bengali singers and a Cuban vocalist. Lokkhi Terra constantly surprise and delight with their artful blending of styles where a traditional Bangladeshi folk song is carried along with some Congolese inflected acid-jazz-funk, Havana rumba lands in Addis Ababa and township jazz grooves coolly behind a classic Bengali evergreen. Or something like that, and more. Not to be missed.