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Gazell is an independent Swedish record label established in 1949.

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  • WOMEX 2010
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  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007

company description

Gazell is an independent Swedish record label established in 1949. To-day the company is concentrating on its own local productions and its music publishing company Gazell Music.
This is the first Womex for Gazell and among the artists available for licensing for certain territories are the legendary Bebo Valdés, Swedish Salsa band Hatuey, Swedish Guitar duo 4 Hands, Swedish saxophonist Sofi Hellborg, Greek Bozouki player Gregoris and Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz. Of special interest is a brand new album titled “Bach in Swedish” by the Swedish folk/classical violin player Lisa Rydberg together with the Swedish organist
Gunnar Idenstam. Gazell co-owns the Ars publishing company and the book “Mambo Time”
about the amazing life of Bebo Valdés will be presented at the Womex Book Conference by
Samuel Charters, the writer of the book and a famous blues and jazz historian and producer.

At Womex:

Dag Haeggqvist, Chairman & Owner

Samuel Charters, Writer & Producer

Dalénum 38
SE-181 70 Lidingö, Sweden
Tel. +46 8 6600715
Fax +46 8 6637910



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