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COSHIVA - an extraordinary name for an extraordinary artist. This female singer-songwriter from Salzburg is brimming in originality, positivity and great vibes - musically and personally.She plays piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele or guitarle and her songs commands any audience to enjoy, be delighted and above all its way cool and got to be heard!

From an early age Coshiva played the piano and through her years as a student in MultiMediaArt came to create and find artistic expression through music creating in the process a fine singer songwriter of rare quality! In 2003 Austria's radio station picked Coshiva's first single Leaving Today for radio play and still without a recording contract but with increasing audience recognition a major record deal fluttered into her mailbox, which in turn deposited in the waste bin.

"I was not ready to be moulded by a major. I wanted to develop my own unique vision without compromise"

The Company she did choose eventually was the indie label Homebase Records who published Leaving Today and following the debut album Thousand Miles Away. This became a radiohit via Austria's biggest radiostation Oe3. Coshiva, now living in Vienna was kept busy playing international venues, doing support shows for the Sugababes, Supermax or James Morrisson. Releasing the single Butterfly from her eponymous, second album became her break through chart topping radio hit and with the second single, Presence Of Vienna, she won the Young Talent and Austrian Newcomer Award 2009.

Her new and unreleased songs like Big Balloon or Soak Up The Fun invite you to embrace life. Other tracks such as Best Friends or Sunday Afternoon are intelligent pop, all in all great music powerfully produced and with heart ... above all really catchy, you'll be humming away before you know what you're doing.

And now just some of the words of a great artist, ready to open a new chapter:

"I believe in action and reaction. Each step, each sentence - everything is interconnected. To be aware of yourself and your fellow man. Doing your best to make conscious, good decisions."

"It's great to know people that complement each other. Some produce videos while the others are Grafic designer or have knowledge in programming websites. My time as a student was a really inspiring time."

"I've chosen my path, because I love music. First and foremost I just try to be myself. I enjoy playing live and writing songs - even when it's tough times, I always try to see the positive side. So far everything has worked out and it's always great to receive audience appreciation that spurs me on."

"I've moved beyond just the blues. Minimalistic sound has always fascinated me. I travelled through out America, exploring the roots of the blues. With my new songs it's my intention to go one step further. My new producer Sandi Strmljan and I are definitely on a roll. I call it constructive harmony. I'm really excited to see how people react to the new repertoire."

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  • WOMEX 2011