Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble

Crossing generations and uniting religions, the Austrian based Ensemble presents the variety and abundance of Jewish music. Timna Brauer, a singer and Elias Meiri, a pianist and composer form an award-winning couple with a characteristic musical style. They put together 40-60 shows yearly, moving lightly in various genres and epochs of Jewish music touring in Europe and wider.
Their latest CD Chant for Peace (2015) with the Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz is a remarkable collaboration - a historic project uniting the Jewish and Christian faith through the power of music.

"She always manages to surprise her audience with the range, power and intensity of her vocals and her performance. We were soon awash in her joyous, amazing, wide-ranging and deceptively powerful cross-cultural vocals." - JERUSALEM POST, ISRAEL

"The audience was swept along by the spontaneity and intelligence of the musical arrangements. Added to this was the unforgettable presence of an artist who combines the European and Oriental feeling into one harmonious whole." - WOLFSBURGER ALLGEMEINE, GERMANY

Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble


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