Michael Lutzeier

I must honestly say, I never heard a baritone saxophonist who is able to bring such a subtle grace to that instrument as can the Munich-based Michael Lutzeier. So many combos and big band on the German scene can simply no longer do without this mature, world-class expert section-player, this dynamic, yet sensitive soloist of the low-pitched saxophone. Names like Mulligan, Chaloff, Pepper Adams, Bluiett and the other great baritone players come clearly to mind. To his advantage Lutzeier seems not to even be concerned with trying to sound like one of them. This baritonist displays a disarming musical intelligence alongside a sound-pallette, ranging from velvety-soft to deliciously raw, that has an almost magical effect on the listener. In my opinion, no player before him has made this rather cumbersome instrument sound and swing with such suppleness and lightness as Michael Lutzeier. Joe Kienemann Bavarian Radio


Michael Lutzeier


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