WhiteFlag Bio and Technical Rider :

1: Band Members:
8 - Full band members – with the ability to be interchangeable
and to perform with as little as 4-5 members - with the aid of
visual and audio technologies. We often have guest musicians
playing with us.

2: Elevator Pitch:
This is the only Palestinian Israeli World Rock/Pop band - we like
to call it World Street Fusion. Working with all the natural colors
that come to hand, from Oud to electric guitar, ancient
'Ma'awaal' vocals to full Rock'n'Roll...a unique band, with a
unique story and sound.

3: Line Up & Instrumentation
Mark Smulian - Bass, electric guitar, vocals and computer.
Shadi Alhaj - Oriental keyboards
Gani Tamir - Lead female vocalist
Yassin Hussein - Lead Male vocalist
Katja Cooper - Drums and percussion
Zaher Abdul Jawad - Oud
Salech Awad - Darbouka, Daf and vocals
Arli Lieberman - Guitars and vocals

4: Biography:
WhiteFlag is unique for two reasons:
The combination of Palestinians and Israelis working together,
demands patience and a willingness to explore areas of the
music that are often unfamiliar to some of the musicians.
Adding to this the desire to remain communicative and
accessible in the music, demands a lot of exploration that
ultimately allows WhiteFlag to develop its own special color in
the music.

WhiteFlag performs in three languages; English Arabic and
Hebrew often employing all three in the same song.

WhiteFlag by definition is an object of curiosity due to the
political repercussions of Palestinians and Israelis making music
together instead of war opposite one another.

WhiteFlag does not claim to be a peace band, but none the less
represent a ray of light in a complex world and recognizes and
stands behind their right to meet and perform together like any
other band in the world, not an easy task when you have
unfriendly boarders to cross just in order to have a rehearsal.

WhiteFlag's influences are the traditions from home combined
with the global influences of popular music that we are all
exposed to thru' the radio and T.V.
We like to say that we are playing our kind of Rock 'n' Roll.

Finally, WhiteFlag has been working together since 1998 and in
spite of enormous difficulties just to meet, we have managed to
continue to work and meet in spite of all the difficulties involved
and have shown determination and commitment to one and
other and the music we make together.

5: Discography:
WhiteFlag has released one Album 'EXILE'
It is possible to hear the tracks on our web site.
There is also a documentary; 'Making music with the enemy' that
was produced and released in Switzerland by the Swiss national
T.V, soon to be released on the international market.
Also, there is a DVD of a live show that took place in Luzerne
Switzerland in July 2005 that is waiting for release.

6: Set List
WhiteFlag plays 90% original stuff and enjoys reinterpreting
Middle Eastern traditionals.
We generally play for about two hours depending on the venue.

7: Basic Requirements:
WhiteFlag is a band of 8 musicians but often we have extra
musicians working with us, so ideally we think of ourselves as an
8 piece when it comes to live performance.
Our technical lineup is pretty intense, but basically we need mics
for drums and percussion, keyboards, electric and acoustic
guitar, electric and acoustic Bass, direct and mic for the Oud, 2
wireless mics for the lead singers and 3 more regular dynamic
mics for backing vocals.
We need

amps for bass (Ampeg tube+ 8x10" cabinet or
equivalent) and guitar( fender twin reverb or equivalent), full
monitoring system, 3 auxiliaries if possible. The stage has to be
able to hold up to ten musicians as we often have guests…on
the other hand we come from the middle east so we know how
to squeeze into small places.

8. Contact Details:

WhiteFlag's web site is www.whiteflagmusic.com

For more info on WhiteFlag please contact:

Shachi Cutbush - Manager for WhiteFlag at:

Australia: +61 (0) 2 66801182
Mobile: +61 (0) 431 337326
Israel: +972 (0) 77-500-5550
Mobile: +972 (0) 546 443248

Shachi@whiteflagmusic.com or Shachi@optusnet.com.au