Sanaz Ebriani

Sanaz Ebriani
  • country:Iran
  • style(s):Global Fusion
  • artist submitted by:Globo Ada


Sanaz Ebriani uses her voice as an instrument of tone, color, and rhythm. Her alluring voice simultaneously evokes sounds of past and present musical styles from many continents. Juxtaposing herself as world/jazz vocalist, she is neither bound to a single tradition, nor distant to the unique sounds of each idiom. Drawing upon her Persian roots, Sanaz blends Middle Eastern modalities that go back hundreds of years with modern rhythmic grooves and compositional sensibilities. Sanaz utilizes percussion in her vocal approach integrated via her study of Afro-Cuban/Yoruban bata drumming and Brazilian Candomble. Sanaz believes it is African poly-rhythmic structures that provide her singing with grounding and elegant strength.