Explosion Negra

Line up

  • Jahir Cordoba Escobar (Voice)
  • Jhon Harrison Palacios Sanchez (Voice)
  • Lino Agualimpia Murillo (Voice)
  • country:
  • region:
    South America
  • style(s):
    • Colombianas
    • World
  • label:
  • type:
    Band, Big Band
  • gender:
  • instrumentation:
    salsa and latin band
  • artist submitted by:

Founded in 2001, Explosión Negra represents the modern evolution of Colombia, a rich and largely untapped musical heritage. The main members of this musical group come from the Pacific coast of Colombia, the Chocó region, where a strong African heritage gives life to these local rhythms like bunde, flageolet and currulao.

Explosión Negra also combines the native Colombian sounds of cumbia and buyerengue with modern elements such as hip hop, dancehall, reggae, ragamuffin, socca and electronic influences, achieving a contagious sound that has already made its way into DJ sessions from Paris to Sydney and from there to Los Angeles.

Currently Explosión Negra has been nominated by the Latin Recording Academy 2016 in the category of Best Tropical Fusion Album with their latest album "Levántate” (Get up).

Explosion Negra


Explosion NegraExplosion Negra Explosion Negra


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Explosión Negra


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Explosión Negra


Cásate Conmigo

Explosión Negra


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Pam Parampa

Official video Explosion Negra

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